Becoming an LST Academy

Becoming an LST Academy

Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting at your school to discuss becoming a Laidlaw Schools Trust (LST) academy.

There are many benefits of becoming an LST academy.

The OfSTED performance of the trust academies is one, while the record GCSE and A Level results at Excelsior Academy this year show how our values lead to outstanding educational pupil achievement.

We will guide you through the process to become an LST academy which will ensure:

  • The support of a committed sponsor in Lord Laidlaw who offers generous financial support for each of the academies in the trust.
  • Access to Lord Laidlaw’s extensive and successful business experience and valuable contacts, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The extensive expertise and experience of Laidlaw Schools Trustees in education, school and academy leadership, local authority leadership and DFE experience.
  • A professional and committed Board of Directors with in-depth experience of all education sectors.
  • The support of the board comprising entrepreneurs, local business leaders, international business leaders, community service leaders and parents.
  • A clear vision from the Trust Directors for the success of the trust and its academies.
  • Access to experienced and successful leaders of both primary and secondary sectors.
  • The support of our leaders who have wide ranging experience of significant and effective school improvement – leading and managing change, including setting up new schools, setting up a new academy and academy conversion.

The Laidlaw Schools Trust has a model for school improvement, based on a determination to drive up standards in all aspects of academy life.

It has a commitment that all pupils will achieve their personal best.

This model applies to every educational sector – Primary, Secondary and All-Through.

The trust has:

  • A clear vision for developing schools that is communicated to and shared by all.
  • Excellent governance through governors who hold leaders to account.
  • Determined and effective leadership at every level.
  • Highly skilled professional staff.
  • High quality continuous professional development.
  • Identifying best practice within and beyond the school and ensuring that it is shared or adopted.

Our experienced project management team will ensure your transition to academy status is successful by supporting you through the consultation process.

This will include land transfer and lease arrangements, TUPE process and budget and finance models for new schools.

Support for transition will also cover a risk management process, curriculum development, staffing structures and the registration process.